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' Program Là Gì Trong Tiếng Anh? Programs Nghĩa Là Gì Trong Tiếng Anh

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a thin book or piece of paper giving information about a play or musical or sports event, usually bought at the theatre or place where the event happens:
an officially organized system of services, activities, or opportunities that help people achieve something:
a programme to do sth Housing Market Renewal is a programme to deal with low demand in housing areas.

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broadcast/show a programme (about sth) They”re always showing programmes about nasty people doing nasty things to each other.

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programme sth to do sth Computers have been programmed to unlock apartment doors or slow trains in the event of an earthquake.
to use a piece of software to give instructions to a computer or piece of electronic equipment to make it perform one of a range of tasks:
Over time, the outputs from the programme”s strategic research have been applied in practical plant breeding programmes in participatory crop research.
However, the local project staff proactively contacted staff in parallel government and donor programmes and projects, and jointly developed new institutional working relationships.
The few small ruminant development programmes undertaken so far have been for the most part unsuccessful or unsustainable.
There are three appendices, one each on fractals, modelling programmes and the principles of reflection seismology.
Training programmes that teach basic vacuum extraction are becoming increasingly available and should be offered to all trainees.
There seems to be a need for such “inter mediate structure” programmes with less for mal governance to tackle more specific issues.
Pure breeding lines will be developed to serve as potential parents in future hybridization programmes.
However, this must be contrasted with the probability of obtaining the ideotype for the different programmes considered.
Moreover, they can also be useful in mapping genes, designing breeding programmes, detecting population structure, and studying linkage disequilibrium.






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