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Are you a lover of scents? Are you always looking for novelty and unique scents in your shower gel products? Posts “[REVIEW] Yves Rocher shower gel has several scents” Below will provide you with more useful information about this product line.

About Yves Rocher shower gel

Yves Rocher shower gel is a product from France Yves Rocher – the pioneer of beauty products with plant origin invent.

With a strong passion for plants, Yves Rocher has always had a desire to create cosmetic lines derived from nature. One part is for women and the other part is to show love and appreciation for your own beauty.

Currently, this product line is present in all countries around the world and is a cosmetic brand derived from nature. number 1 in France.

The scent is sweet, keeping the scent on the skin to help women confidently shine. With ingredients extracted from natural essential oils, safe and non-irritating to your skin.

Yves Rocher Shower Gel – A unique body care option from nature just for you!

Yves Rocher shower gels

The difference and uniqueness of Yves Rocher shower gel is in the scent of the product. With 12 different scents, it will definitely help you freely discover the scent according to your own preferences.

Lotus Flower & Sage – Lotus scent and sage oil

Fragrance stimulates all senses of the body. The first scent is a sweet, elegant lotus scent. Next, the light, fresh smell stimulates the sense of smell and other five senses like calmness. The final scent is the mysterious and enchanting scent of sage essential oil.

In addition, this combination also helps to relax, alert and balance hormones in the body. Along with tiny particles to help clean and care for smooth white skin.

In particular, lotus extract and crude essential oil in Yves Rocher’s product line also have antibacterial and inflammatory effects. Fight against the agents that cause acne on the skin that many girls are experiencing. Therefore, this is a product that is extremely suitable for fish with fair skin Oily and acne-prone skin.

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Lavandin Blackberry – Black Raspberry and Lavender


The rich scent of Black Raspberry mixed with a bit of sour and sweet notes combined with the seductive passion of Lavender creates an extremely pleasant fragrance.

Yves Rocher shower gel with Black Raspberry and Lavender scent also helps to clean and moisturize the skin extremely effectively. The product is definitely an indispensable vật phẩm in every girl’s body care collection oily.

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Bourbon Vanilla Vanilla


The scent that stays on the body is very pure and delicate. The sweet, warm, passionate taste helps her have romantic and dreamy moments.

Bourbon Vanilla Extract, helps to nourish dry, dull cells, and protects the skin. Brings smooth, white and radiant skin that any girl wants to own. The right product for her dry skin.

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Raspberry Peppermint – Combination of Red Raspberry and Mint flavor


Starting with the sweet scent mixed with a slight sourness of lemon to the heart of Red Raspberry. Next is the cool, refreshing woody scent and finally the freshness of mint leaves. The combination of scents brings moments of relaxation extremely effectively.

The scent of this product line seems to energize for a new exciting day. The product is a favorite of women who have problems with dry skin and acne-prone skin.

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Coconut – Coconut Flavor


Yves Rocher shower gel with coconut scent is cool, sweet, round and thick. The mild fragrance nourishes and pampers your skin.

Extracted from fresh coconut and aloe vera to help prevent oxidation, increase skin elasticity. Moisturizing, smooth skin is the factor that women are looking for in this product line. Yves Rocher shower gel with coconut scent is suitable for girls dry skin, prone to cracking and peeling.

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Olive Lemongrass – Aroma of Olive and Grass


The unique combination of gentle and delicate Olive scent of Co that creates a feeling of peaceful relaxation like a green countryside.

For the girls dry skin then this is the right choice. Helps improve dry skin, moisturizes the skin and retains fragrance on the body.

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Lemon Basil – Combination of Lemon and Basil


The blend between the gentle scent of Lemon and the sweet, cool scent of Basil creates a scent that stimulates the brain, excites the nerves and helps the spirit to become positive.

Besides, lemon extract helps to remove dead cells, regenerate youthful skin. Meanwhile, basil extract helps to clean the skin, help the skin stretch and prevent acne. Suitable for girls with fair skin aging skin.

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Tiare Flower & Ylang Ylang – Porcelain and Ylang Ylang


The gentle fragrance that sticks to the body for a long time from the scent of Porcelain and Ylang-Ylang helps you relax. Besides, it is extracted from Aloe to help nourish your skin in the best way.

For the girls acne prone skin, oily skin then this is the right choice. Because the extract from Ylang-Ylang helps to regulate the sebaceous glands, reduce acne and fight skin inflammation.

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Magnolia White Tea – Magnolia and White Tea


The gentle, intimate scent of Mulan together with the lovely white tea scent helps her confidently shine. Besides, the fine granular essences help to clean and nourish the soft skin.

The combination helps to bring great benefits to preventing premature skin aging and as a protective layer of the skin from external agents. This product is the right choice for women with aging skin.

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Cotton Flower Mimosa – Cotton and Mimosa flowers scent


The gentle and delicate scent of Mimosa combines with Cotton, creating an extremely unique product.

These natural extracts help moisturize and add nutrients to the skin. Helps healthy skin, enough moisture, anti-dry skin and smooth skin. If she has dry skin And also love the delicate scent of Mimosa, this is the right choice for her.

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Pomegranate Pink Berries – Red Pomegranate and Pink Pepper


The scent is a little sweet, a little earthy and seductive like a mysterious rose.

With nutrients that penetrate deep into the skin to help nourish each cell, keep the skin moist and smooth. Yves Rocher Shower Gel with Red Pomegranate and Pink Pepper scent helps bring freshness and vitality to your skin. Product suitable for all skin types.

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Coffee Beans Sense – Coffee Flavor


Coffee aroma helps awaken the body’s senses. Helps you wake up, refreshed after a long day.

Extracted from coffee helps to exfoliate dead cells, nourish smooth and shiny skin. Provides moisture, anti-oxidant for the skin, this will be the right choice for the skin aging skin.

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Detailed review of Yves Rocher shower gel

Set next to outside

+ Compact and convenient plastic bottle design, easy to carry when traveling.
+ The lid should be designed in the form of a Pump head, it will be easier to use
+ Transparent plastic bottle helps see through the liquid gel inside, which looks very delicate and dreamy.
+ Information about the product is fully and clearly printed on the package.
+ Product illustrations are suitable for each different scent, making it easy to identify when choosing your favorite scent.

Featured Ingredients

Yves Rocher shower gel with ingredients up to 97% extracted from natural essential oils.
+ Nutrient complex extracted from natural essential oils: effectively cleanses and moisturizes the skin.
+ Vitamins and amino acids: help nourish and care for the skin from deep within.
+ Miễn phí of mineral oils, parabens and industrial detergents, safe and gentle on the skin.

With natural and safe ingredients, Yves Rocher shower gels are suitable for all skin types from dry skin, oily skin arrive sensitive skin.

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General use

+ Deep clean, remove sebum, exfoliate the body.
+ Helps whiten, smooth and bright skin
The nutrients help nourish and regenerate the skin from deep within.
+ The scent kept from natural essential oils helps to relax and shine.

Feelings after using Yves Rocher shower gel


I love scents and always want to look for products with gentle scents, creating a feeling of peace like blending with nature. Yves Rocher Shower Gel with Olive flavor and Coteria oil is a product that I have chosen.

First, talking about the design of the product is compact, convenient to carry when traveling. The lid, if designed in the form of a Pump head like many other products, will be more convenient to use.

Second, about the composition of the product. My skin is dry, so when choosing, I also have to find out which products have good ingredients for dry skin. So, I chose the Yves Rocher shower gel which is extracted from coriander and Olive essential oils, natural origin, safe for all skin types, so I am very satisfied when using it.

Using the product is really great. The fine foam particles when rubbed and gently massaged all over the body create a feeling of comfort. After bathing, the skin is clean, brighter than before the bath, not greasy or dry, but with moderate moisture. Skin is softer and has a mild fragrance that stays on the skin.

One of the most important reasons that make me “shaken” by this product line is in the scent. Olive scent is extremely fanciful, a little blend of green fruit aromas, adding a bit of bitterness along with the smell of dusty wood to create a gentle but long-lasting scent. The smell of grass grass is fresh, airy and creates a feeling of relaxation. The perfect combination creates a very special scent, close to nature, as peaceful as in a dreamy green field.

In short, this is a product I am extremely satisfied with, even though I have only tried it for 2 months, my skin has improved its dryness and peeling when it is dry.

Mark: 9.5/10 VND

Where to buy genuine Yves Rocher shower gel? How much does it cost?

Currently, the Yves Rocher shower gel line is quite popular in Vietnam. You can buy hearts at cosmetic stores or on e-commerce sites that provide reputable products to buy. Yves Rocher shower gel Genuine.

If she is also a “lazy” child like me, does not want to go out to shop but is very “careful” to hunt trực tuyến, you can find and buy products at reputable shops on Shopee, Lazada and Tiki. Or you can buy trực tuyến directly on the Yves Rocher website to ensure the best quality.

Product selling price: VND 259,000/bottle 400ml

Some frequently asked questions

Is Yves Rocher shower gel good?

Have. By the following factors:
+ Ingredients derived from plants, extracted from natural essential oils
+ Helps clean the skin, care and nourish the skin from deep within.
+ Keeps the skin with stable moisture, helps the skin to be bright white, smooth and full of vitality.
+ Non-allergenic to the skin, mild fragrance creates comfort.
Miễn phí of mineral oils, parabens, industrial detergents and harmful substances to the skin.

Which Yves Rocher shower gel smells the best?

Each scent will have its own distinct characteristics and uniqueness. Depending on the needs and preferences of each individual, you can choose the most fragrant in the collection of 12 scents of the Yves Rocher shower gel line.

Therefore, it is difficult to choose which Yves Rocher shower gel has the most fragrance. Please experience and share your comments below this article for everyone to refer to!

How long does the scent of Yves Rocher shower gel last?

The ability to keep the smell on the skin of the Yves Rocher shower gel about the first 2-3 hours, then the smell will fade away.

Above are my shares about the Yves Rocher shower gel product line. With my own experiences and information, I hope to help you gain more knowledge through the article “[REVIEW] Yves Rocher shower gel has several scents” this. Happy reading!

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#REVIEW #Sữa #tắm #Yves #Rocher #có #mấy #loại #mùi #hương


#REVIEW #Sữa #tắm #Yves #Rocher #có #mấy #loại #mùi #hương


#REVIEW #Sữa #tắm #Yves #Rocher #có #mấy #loại #mùi #hương


#REVIEW #Sữa #tắm #Yves #Rocher #có #mấy #loại #mùi #hương


#REVIEW #Sữa #tắm #Yves #Rocher #có #mấy #loại #mùi #hương


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