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Sữa như thế nào là tốt cho bé?

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Milk is an indispensable food for the comprehensive development of children. Therefore, parents need to be very careful in choosing milk for their children. So what kind of milk is good for babies? Follow Pharmacy 365 to answer the above problem.


According to the recommendations of medical experts, breast milk is best for the development of infants and young children. However, for many different reasons, mothers need to supplement nutrients for their babies with formula (milk powder). This formula mimics the chemical formula of breast milk and can be used as a complete or partial replacement of breast milk.

Currently, due to the needs of people, milk brands have created many new formulas with many different forms of milk. It includes 3 main categories, which are:

– Powdered milk based on animal milk such as goat’s milk, cow’s milk: Most babies are fine, but there are some that are likely to be allergic to cow’s milk protein. As for goat milk, it is cooler and more benign, so children are less likely to have goat milk allergies

– Soy milk powder: Can be used for babies or babies who are lactose intolerant or allergic to cow’s milk.

Hypoallergenic infant formula: For babies allergic to milk proteins or allergic to soy milk.

This is a hydrolyzed protein powder (marked on the package as “HA”), in which the proteins have been broken down to make it easier for your baby to digest and less likely to pose a threat to your baby’s immune system. Hydrolyzed milk is also often used for babies with intussusception or gastroesophageal reflux.

– Powdered milk with special formula: For low birth weight, malnourished children.

1. The effect of formula milk on the development of young children

– Formula milk helps babies brain development

Among the five factors that help children develop brains are: genetics, breast milk, nutrition, body weight and environment. Then in addition to the nutritional factor, you will have the right to take the initiative, and the other factors will depend more on external objective factors.

Milk contains a lot of DHA, which is an element that accounts for a high percentage of the brain’s gray matter and creates the sensitivity of neurons. This active ingredient needs to be fully supplemented from the time the mother is pregnant to the first years of the baby’s life.

– Formula milk helps increase height

2 nutrients are extremely necessary to help increase height for children. In addition to foods rich in protein, vitamins and minerals are added to the diet, but also through fortified foods such as formula.

– Help your baby gain weight

Normally, in the first years of life, the baby’s digestive system is often unstable. Therefore, it is easy to encounter problems such as constipation, anorexia, stunting, and malnutrition. Formula milk plays the role of fortifying nutrients and supplementing essential nutrients for babies to help them have the comprehensive development of the digestive system and strengthen natural immune antibodies. When the digestive and immune systems are solid and working effectively, the baby’s weight gain is no longer too difficult.

Royal Australian Milk Royal Ausnz

2. Advantages of formula milk compared to fresh milk

Substitute for breast milk: Formula milk is an alternative to breast milk, and contains a number of vitamins and nutrients that breastfed babies need to supplement. Formula milk is produced under sterile conditions, mimicking breast milk with proteins, fats, sugars and essential vitamins.

Shorten the frequency of feeding: Formula is digested more slowly than breast milk, so it takes less time to feed your baby.

Diet: When your baby is on formula, you don’t have to worry that what you eat will affect your baby.

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How to choose milk to be good for children is a difficult question for every parent. Because each baby’s body is different, not every milk a child drinks will digest well and gain weight steadily. Therefore, parents should not equate formula milk with each other, but must learn carefully before buying it for their children. However, parents should note the following criteria to choose good milk for their baby:

– Choose milk suitable for age

The first criterion to choose the right formula is to be appropriate for the age of the baby. The digestive tract of infants and young children is very sensitive because newborn babies are very vulnerable to the main external agents that are food. That’s why the manufacturer has divided the numbers according to the age of the baby’s development.

– Types of milk that are similar to breast milk

We all know that breast milk is the best milk for the all-round development of babies. Therefore, when choosing milk, parents should choose milk with the same composition as mother’s milk. In particular, that product needs lactoferrin, which is a component in mother’s colostrum, which has a great effect on the development of the baby.

Royal Australian Milk Royal Ausnz

– Choose nutritious milk, cool milk

One of the especially important ingredients that mothers need to pay attention to when choosing milk for their babies is ingredients containing multi-vitamins and minerals such as DHA, Calcium, Iron, Zinc…. Especially when starting to choose formula milk, mothers should prioritize choosing cool milk lines, ingredients containing added probiotics to ensure the beneficial bacteria in the intestinal system protect the baby from living stool conditions, constipation.

– Is safe milk

Young children are a very sensitive subject to any ingredient in everyday foods, especially milk. Therefore, a good milk product for children is milk that does not contain additives such as preservatives, genetically modified substances, colorants, flavors, etc.

– Choose milk of clear origin, from genuine and reputable brands

Currently, there are many reputable and famous milk brands on the market both at home and abroad such as Royal Australian Milk Royal Ausnz, Meiji, Friso, BlackMore, etc. However, due to their popularity, the products of these brands are so popular. The above brands are inevitably counterfeited and counterfeited. There are also a lot of portable products, imported in full boxes, imported raw materials from abroad and then packed in Vietnam. Therefore, when buying, you need to learn carefully and choose genuine and reputable stores to avoid “losing money”.


When it comes to the comprehensive development of milk for babies, it is indispensable for Royal Ausnz milk. This is a long-standing domestic brand from Australia. Although only imported to Vietnam in recent years, Royal Australian milk has been loved and trusted by Vietnamese consumers. Not only specializes in dairy products for children, but Royal Ausnz also produces milk for everyone from pregnant women to the elderly. Here, Pharmacy 365 will reveal to you a set of 3 digital milk to help your baby develop comprehensively of the Royal Ausnz milk brand.

1. Royal Milk Premium Gold 1 Infant Formula – For babies from 0 – 6 months old

– Characteristics

Royal Premium Gold 1 Milk is a cool milk, rich in essential vitamins and minerals, researched to suit the nutritional needs of infants from 0 to 6 months old to help them gain weight naturally and strengthen their immune system. child translation. Gut bacteria GOS (galacto-oligosaccharide) improve anorexia in children, help children absorb nutrients from breast milk, formula and food, thereby gaining healthy weight.

Royal Australian Milk No. 1 contains many important and necessary nutrients and minerals such as: DHA, Lutein, GOS, iron + calcium + zinc, lactoferrin, …. Along with many important micronutrients for the comprehensive development of both physical and intellectual baby.

Royal Australian Milk Royal Ausnz No. 1

– User object

Use for children 0-6 months old.

– See more product details and purchase: HERE

2. Royal Milk Premium Gold 2 Follow-on Formula

– Characteristics

When it comes to the set of 3 products to help children develop comprehensively, Royal Australian Milk No. 2 is indispensable. With many outstanding advantages similar to milk No. 1, Royal Australian Milk No. 2 is supplemented with many nutrients, up to 28 vitamins and minerals, in addition to adding GOS, creating a nutritionally complete formula, suitable for children from 6-12 months old.

Refreshing, easy-to-drink milk with 100% ingredients from pure Australian cow’s milk, no chemicals for coloring, flavoring, flavoring, no harmful preservatives by the Australian Food Safety Management System – FOOD SAFETY SYSTEM – FOOD SAFETY SYSTEM certification. The mild sweetness and natural aroma of pure Australian cow’s milk will help your baby eat more deliciously. Intestinal bacteria GOS added in milk makes digestion easier, baby no longer has constipation, indigestion.

Royal Australian Milk Royal Ausnz No. 2

– User object

Use for children 6-12 months old.

– See more product details and purchase: HERE

3. Royal AUSNZ Premium Gold Toddler Milk Drink No. 3 – Nutritional supplement for children from 1-3 years old

– Characteristics

Royal Australian Immunity Milk No. 3 is fortified with large amounts of Lactoferrin with 2.58mg Lactoferrin/100ml milk. Lactoferrin antibody plays a role in transporting free iron in the blood to the cells to nourish the body, helping to stimulate the immune system. At the same time, has its antibacterial, antimicrobial and viral properties. Harmful bacteria need iron to grow, Lactoferrin affects the stability of the bacterial cell membrane, destroying the cell structure. However, beneficial bacteria are protected by Lactoferrin. Therefore, supplementing with Australian Royal Immunity Milk No. 3 will help children strengthen their resistance better, protect them from the risk of diseases in the environment.

Especially, at the age of 1-3, this is an important period for children to develop intellectually and in height. Therefore, to fully meet the nutritional needs of children, mothers should use Royal Australian milk No. 3. Because in addition to lactoferrin, the product is also added with calcium, vitamins K and K to help absorb calcium optimally. superior.

In addition, the Iodine component in the product is an important micronutrient for the thyroid gland to synthesize hormones that regulate the development of the central nervous system, cardiovascular system, digestive system and other organs. in the body such as skin – hair – hair – nails, …

Royal Australian Milk Royal Ausnz No. 3

– User object

Use for children from 1-3 years old

– See more product details and purchase: HERE

4. Reasons you should use Royal Australian milk products for your baby

Among so many dairy products today, Royal Ausnz’s popularity is not difficult to understand when the quality and effectiveness that milk brings is extremely high quality. In addition, there are a number of other reasons such as:

– About the origin: Royal Ausnz milk line is researched and manufactured by GOTOP powdered milk production company, a member of the Australian Dairy Industry Association DIAA. The company has been operating for 160 years, now has distributed products throughout Australia and more than 10 countries from Europe to Asia.

– About the production process: 1 royal milk line in Australia Royal Ausnz has undergone an extremely professional production process, using wet mixing technology combined with sublimation drying (cold drying), this is the most modern processing technology available today. now.

– About ingredients: The product uses fresh milk from aristocratic cows living on green natural pastures, next to the Murray River in Victoria, Australia. Besides, there are essential vitamins and minerals, very safe for the health of children, especially containing lactoferrin (an ingredient found in breast milk).

About efficiency: Royal Ausnz is suitable for children from 0 to 6 months old. The product supports children to develop comprehensively both physically and mentally, while building the immune system to protect children’s health safely. Besides, this is a COOL MILK line, so it minimizes side effects such as constipation, helps babies digest well and gain weight evenly.

About texture: Royal Ausnz milk has a dry powder form, just needs to be mixed with warm water to be used.

About the taste: Naturally sweet, easy to drink.

About the design: Each box of Royal Ausnz Premium Gold 1 Infant Formula contains 400g of powdered milk, so the design is quite compact, suitable for carrying out. The milk box is very discreet, sure, inside comes with a separate measuring spoon for parents’ convenience.

About the price: Although the price of Royal Ausnz premium milk imported from Australia is higher than domestic milk lines, in return, it has outstanding quality, worthy for consumers to choose.

Royal Australian Milk Royal Ausnz

Epilogue: Here is information about which milk is good for babies. Parents should note that, besides breast milk, babies need to be supplemented with a moderate and reasonable amount of minerals in formula milk. Therefore, parents need to learn carefully to choose the right milk for their children.

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