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Tom Ford Lip Màu sắc Matte #05 Plum Lush và #10 Blaông xã Dahlia for Holiday 2014 Collection, đánh giá, Swatches, Comparison và FOTD

I hope you are all having a great weekkết thúc. Today I woke up early to get the only MAC pigment kit I was missing from Breuninger, the bronze one. Oh good make-up lord, why vì chưng you make it so complicated. I went there early just lớn hear that Bronze set was an online exclusive. I dragged myself through the city khổng lồ overcome my sorrow & ended up buying some boots và books. When I came home a beyond deer frikết thúc offered me khổng lồ sover hers, yay! I love happy endings.

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Social Media is shaking with the news of mini Tom Ford lipsticks which will be released in 50 limited editions shades online for one single day, then these will eventually make it to stores as well. After I learn more about the availability of these in Germany, I will let you know. At the moment, it seems khổng lồ be US and Selfridges (UK) release. Needless lớn say I have sầu already made my danh sách, hah!
Bachồng to the subject shall we? Today it is about my ever growing Tom Ford lipstichồng collection & two more mattes to present. Chechồng out my previous Đánh Giá of Pink Tease, First Time & Pussymèo. And let me introduce you toTom Ford Lip Màu sắc Matte #05 Plum Lush và #10 Blaông xã Dahlia.
Tom Ford Lip màu sắc Matte #05 Plum Lush & #10 Blaông xã Dahlia

Tom Ford Lip màu sắc Matte #05 Plum Lush is a mid-toned pink with a slight hint of plum. It is one of the most comfortable shades of the range. It is not drying & stays for a long time even after eating if I apply it with a lip brush, blot và apply again. Although it is very pigmented & dense, it is very wearable. I love this shade and found myself wearing it over và over again during the last weeks. For lovely cđại bại up lip swatches, kiểm tra out this post fromAnonymiss.
Tom Ford Lip màu sắc Matte #05 Plum Lush

Here is how it looks on me. It pulls quiet pink but not too cool. I would even go as far as saying it is almost natural since it pulls a tad red too. On the eyes I am wearing MAC Electric Cool Eye Shadow in Highly Charged and Tom Ford Wicked on the cheeks. I lượt thích the modern crash of red pullover with pink lips but not my very tired looking smile (it must have been a Friday) what vì you think?
FOTD with Tom Ford Lip màu sắc Matte #05 Plum Lush

One of the most talked lipsticks of the line must have sầu beenTom Ford Lip Color Matte #10 Blachồng Dahlia
. It is a limited edition shade together with First Kiss & its name pays a tribute to lớn the famous discontinued Tom Ford lipstiông chồng Blaông xã Orchid. Ah Tom Ford why, why discontinued that legendary shade. Good news though, you will see how cthua kém they are if you check the comparison swatches right after the jump. Black Dahlia is a deep blackened berry/plum with red undertones. It is the most beautiful shade to lớn me in the whole line but unfortunately also the most drying one. It is of course very tricky to lớn find a smooth applying vamp, especially as matte. For Blachồng Dahlia to lớn work, you have to make sure that you moisturize your lips appropriately before application.
Tom Ford Lip Color Matte #10 Black Dahlia

You have sầu seen me wearing it at my latest Hourglass post. I have sầu wrongly stated then that I was wearing Plum Lush but I edited the post and corrected the mistake. I combine Blachồng Orchid also with Wicked on the cheeks the below look.

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On a side note, I am wearing a lovely t-shirt which was sent byLikoli (not affiliated), they have sầu super fun stuff & they deliver worldwide. I washed it and it survived. I don"t lượt thích wearing men t-shirt cuts but they have sầu a more feminine Odetta model which I really lượt thích.
As for the comparisons, you can see that I love sầu my vamps. Closest khổng lồ Tom Ford Blaông xã Dahlia is Blaông xã Orchid, which is a tad less red/cooler. MAC Lingering Kiss is deeper, MAC Sin is cthất bại but warmer/more brown. MAC Fashion Revival is between Plum Lush and Blaông chồng Dahlia. Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet L"Impatiente is cooler. Tom FordLip Color Matte #05 Plum Lush is warmer và lighter than MAC Fashion Revival. It is also warmer than Tom Ford Aphrodisiac.
Final thoughts: Both Plum Lush & Black Dahlia are very beautiful shades. I prefer the formula of Plum Lush & find it also more wearable. As lovely as Blaông chồng Dahlia is, the lips need khổng lồ be prepped to make it work. Plum Lush is permanent và Blaông chồng Dahlia is limited edition.
Price/Availability information for Germany: Each lipstichồng costs around 47€ & will be available soon. They will be sold only at KaDeWe Berlin, Karstadt Oberpollinger Munich & Breuninger in Dusseldorf. You can Gọi & reserve sầu under 030/21916397 và 089/29024166. (Information was provided by quảng bá, I have sầu no affiliation with these places.)

They are booth beautiful lipsticks, but Plum Lush is definitely the best on you. It is the one that I would choose lớn wear too. I haven't tried the TF lipsticks. How is the smell? Some lipsticks are so smelly that it is impossible to lớn wear them.